About CIN

CIN is for individuals who campaign on local (and some national) green issues. CIN is concerned with the whole of Ceredigion, Wales, but with a special focus on Aberystwyth.

CIN stands for Caredig i Natur, which is Welsh for 'Kind to Nature'. Here nature means all green issues which affect the natural environment, from recycling to road building, from organic permaculture to animal welfare.

The Welsh word caredig was chosen because it resembles Ceredigion, the county in Wales where CIN is based.

The name is pronounced 'kin', with resonances of the relationships between all living things.

As an open collective we welcome articles and ideas for posts - send them in! It's thanks to various contributors that we can get so much content onto the blog.

Cin was set up in 2001 as a website, and moved to a blog format in 2007.

We came joint second in the ‘Best Political Blog’ category of the Wales Blog Awards 2011.

We're also on Facebook.