Thursday, 18 January 2018

Aberystwyth University Removing Greenery

I think we were premature in praising Aberystwyth University for planting wildflowers. As if to make up for one move that increased plant cover and biodiversity, they then chopped down bushes across the campus. See "What has become of the Penglais campus?" for more information.

(Not as bad as Sheffield, but it would be hard to match how awful the situation is in that city which is now infamous for cutting down historic trees. See here, here, here. And, unexpectedly, it is a Labour Council in Sheffield that is paying billions to private companies, arresting their citizens, and cutting down thousands of trees.)

While we are talking about Aberystwyth University:
Hence the university losing so many jobs at the start of 2018. The Mauritius Campus was widely mocked, including by university staff, ever since its harebrained inception. At a time when we should be more environmentally-conscious, Aberystwyth University was implementing schemes that involved even more wasteful international flights and building empty campuses on nature-sensitive locations. A stupid idea, doomed to fail.

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