Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Wildlife Trusts And Forestry Commissions Persecuting Wildlife

Wildlife organisations are made up of people, and therefore can be as prejudiced as any other organisation - they choose one animal to protect, another to kill. Grey squirrels are one of their more frequent targets (covered in the past here and here), since they see grey squirrels as immigrants having an effect on the wildlife organisation's favoured "pure" squirrels. Good old speciesism.

Regardless of how the apologists at the Wildlife Trusts or RSPB try to spin it: killing wildlife is killing wildlife.

We recently discovered that the Wildlife Trusts support killing grey squirrels, and have withdrawn our support from them (and I've removed them from my will, to be replaced with a more compassionate organisation!). The Wildlife Trust are part of Red Squirrels United, who will be "training" volunteers to cull greys, probably with clubs. Sounds lovely, doesn't it. There's a petition here, and more information here.

Monday, 6 March 2017

“How’s Our Wildlife Doing?” The Nature of our Village Report: Penparcau 2016

"If you want to know what a Penparcau hedgehog likes for dinner, what a Feathered Gothic is, or what bright green lizards are up to on Pen Dinas, then have a look at this report." -- Chloe Griffiths

Today we're recommending this: “How’s Our Wildlife Doing?” The Nature of our Village Report: 2016, Penparcau, Aberystwyth. Covering Wildlife Surveys from November 2015 to November 2016. Surveys and report undertaken by Chloe Griffiths for the Nature of our Village Project at Penparcau Community. Published February 2017.

Download it free here!

Amongst others, there are sections on Flowering Plants, Dragonflies, Hoverflies, Butterflies, Moths, Bees, Slugs and Snails, Sharks and Rays, Reptiles and Amphibians, Birds, Mammals, Seashore and Rock Pools, Freshwater Life.