Saturday, 24 October 2015

Take Action To Stop EU Subsidies For Bullfighting

Next week (on Wednesday 28th October), the European Union will vote on budgets for 2016. Each year the European Union provides an estimated £100 million through Common Agriculture Policy payments to farmers who breed bulls for bullfights.

Yes, your tax is helping to support this barbaric industry, with £13.5 million coming from the UK alone.

Next Wednesday, your MEP will have an opportunity to support and vote for an amendment to prohibit the use of European funds to support farmers who breed bulls for bullfights. Last year, a similar amendment fell just short of an overall majority, but the tide is turning against bullfighting. 76% of Spanish people are opposed to public subsidies for bullfighting, and only 29% support bullfighting at all.

The European Convention for the Protection of Animals kept for Farming Purposes is clear:
*Animals should not suffer pain, injury, fear or distress.
*Farmers breeding bulls to be tortured slowly for public display can never comply with these conditions and therefore should not be eligible for agricultural subsidies.

Bullfighting relies heavily on the backing of European funds and also funds from Spanish Administrations. Without these payments, trends show that this bloodthirsty industry would be on the brink of collapse.

We need to demonstrate political and public support against the use of our taxes being used in this way. Last year we came so close, and all we need is a few more MEPs to turn up and vote.

Please contact your MEPs today and urge that they vote to stop European subsidies for bullfighting on Wednesday. You can choose to contact any or all of your MEPs that are listed as there may be several representing your region. The LACS have provided some suggested text for you to use if you wish, however personalised emails have a greater impact.

Text by: League Against Cruel Sports (Web, Twitter, Facebook).

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