Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Vivisection: A Summary

Vivisection: performing what are generally painful/agonising experiments on other beings, without their consent, and ending in their death in the lab. It's a way of trying to benefit your own group at the expense of another group, treating them in ways you would not want to be treated yourself. A form of selfish cowardice. Depending on your viewpoint it may be more about profits and self-sustaining industries than knowledge (especially in the tests for me-too drugs, cosmetics etc); results from one species also can't be relied on to give any useful information about how another species would react in the same circumstances. The industry is rife with incompetence.

Universities are one of the types of organisations happy to take money to do vivisection. This is a common occurrence, as the Licensed To Kill site shows. The universities play it down as much as possible, and there are layers of secrecy to try and prevent taxpayers from knowing what is really going on, which is often massive-scale and pointlessly cruel research. Yes, Wales is involved too.

Monday, 15 December 2014


We all need footwear to protect our tootsies, and there are some companies providing ethical options in our links. We've already featured Ethical Wares, here are links to some of the others we recommend (usually from having bought their products in the past).

Tivydale - women-only, designer boots and shoes

Friday, 12 December 2014

Ceredigion County Council Survey On Waste

I just found out that the Council are asking for your opinions on waste and recycling here. There isn't a closing date listed on the survey.

(Aside: I don't know why the Council don't share things like this survey with us, you'd think they would want to publicise it as widely as possible).

Monday, 1 December 2014

Aberystwyth University clangers

Oops, Aberystwyth University is in the news again.

In a heartfelt but badly-written statement it claims to source food locally and sustainably.

But then it was revealed that they buy their sandwiches from London and have them shipped over 400 miles rather than source them locally or employ staff to do it:

From the Cambrian News,
20 Nov 2014, p31

The discovery of that bit of hypocrisy must have left egg (sandwich) on their faces.