Friday, 1 August 2014

HS2 (High Stupidity train network)

We love trains. However, as people who care about the environment we don't agree with the controversial HS2 which will destroy wildlife sites. All the money that goes into it, all that destruction, all those resources - just to slightly speed up connections for those in one area of the UK. It would be better if the money was used in other ways, e.g.
  • to improve cycle routes in the whole of the UK, letting them connect cities and towns; 
  • if tax on bicycles was dropped, increasing sales and use of bikes; 
  • cheaper train journeys, and more of them (ideally a single nationalised service again);
  • proper guaranteed bicycle and transport, enabling you to take bikes on buses and trains (currently you can be refused, leaving you stranded);
  • and many others.
Options like these would lowers emissions, be healthier, greener, more futureproof ... but those aren't the concerns of UK Government.

Find out more about the negative sides to this proposal via Stop HS2, the HS2 Action Alliance, and (to a lesser degree) the Right Lines Charter. As to the local (Welsh) view: Welsh AMs need to look at how badly Wales comes off from HS2. Billions of pounds will be redirected from other projects and no Barnett consequentials.

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Anonymous said...

All to save 20mins off a journey from London to Manchester? It's ridiculous.