Sunday, 29 June 2014


Find out more about fracking here and here. There is also a Ceredigion petition: please consider signing it and sharing the link as widely as possible, particularly in Ceredigion. Although there is apparently no shale gas in Ceredigion, it would be a powerful statement for a local authority in Wales (even the UK) to declare a county frack-free.

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Campaign against pinch/prong collars

The campaign to ban pinch collars continues and gathers pace. If you want to know more, try any of the following links:

Friday, 20 June 2014

Citizens' Advice Bureau office in Aberystwyth to close

Ceredigion Citizens' Advice Bureau will close its Aberystwyth office this month following Ceredigion County Council funding cuts. A petition to keep the branch open reached over 500 signatures.

Aberyswyth has had a Citizens Advice (CAB) service since the 1940s but will not run the service by telephone from Cardigan, despite the increasing demand for their services, particularly now that more people than ever need help or advice concerning money, benefits, debt, employment, housing and other issues. Many official services now refer you to CAB and will only communicate with you if CAB refers you on (e.g. Trading Standards) - reduced CAB services means other services are even harder to use.

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Tan y Bwlch beach clean

From Aberystwyth Beach Buddies:
Tan y Bwlch Beach Clean! Down to the nitty gritty folks. This beach and the riverside behind it needs to have a lot of fragmented plastic and polystyrene removed. There'll be larger items to be removed as usual, but good eyes and a fairly good back will be needed for the smaller bits of pollution. There'll be a break half way through and the clean should be finished by 4. If you can come for the duration or just for half an hour it'd be great to see you there. Many hands makes light work. Pop the date on your calendar, more details to follow  Enquiries can be made to