Monday, 6 January 2014

The importance of trees in Aberystwyth

A plaque in Plas Crug

Last month was part of National Tree Week. The Greener Aberystwyth Group worked with Ceredigion Council to plant an oak tree in Plas Crug Avenue in Aberystwyth. Excellent news!

Related good news: it was recently recognised that Plascrug Avenue trees have £28,000 worth of eco-impact (see this BBC article). It's wonderful to have further evidence to back up what environmentalists have been saying all along. Knowing this, Ceredigion County Council should require tree planting as part of all future planning applications.


Web Editor said...

Do you have an email address we can contact you on? There's an event in Cardiff that we'd like to invite you too. Thanks

CIN said...

Hi, we can be contacted at or via the form on
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Anonymous said...

That's really great that more trees are being planted.