Tuesday, 5 November 2013


Allotments are a great idea for those without gardens (which will be an increasing amount of people as the population grows). Above is a short article from The Big Issue which talks about the changes to allotment availability in Wales.

Ceredigion County Council are doing a good job of hiding theirs - I couldn't find anything on their site about allotments, whether by browsing or searching. Probably because there are such long waiting lists to get one. Ceredigion were one of the counties trying to double the costs for using them, which would make them financially unviable. There's a brief summary elsewhere.

Additional: Ceredigion County Council recently updated their website. Surely it was an opportunity to add information about allotments in the county? They didn't take it. They responded to our request about this on 21st November 2013: "Unfortunately there is currently no information on our website relating to the Council managed allotments."

To be honest, that makes sense. If they included information about their statutory requirements to provide allotments, it might make it easier for people to find out about or apply for them! Craziness. No, much better to spend money on making the website more confusing to navigate, whilst refusing to put up information about services people want to know about and use.


Anonymous said...

that's terrible that the council haven't even got any information about allotments on there website. i know from a friend the waiting list is years and years. And yet people want to grow their own food to save money.

Unknown said...

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