Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ceredigion County Council - official home wreckers

Cambrian News, Thu 23 May 2013, pp1&3.
"M&S and Tesco more important than homes"

We covered the threat to homes from Ceredigion County Council last August and as far back as November 2011. The article above shows the horrible attitude of the Council and it is stunning that they are trying to force someone out of their home with a Compulsory Purchase Order, in order to build more shops. This seems to be a hypocritical case of putting the interests of big business over human rights.

If you love your home you won't want to leave it, yet the council want to imply that the fault is with a homeowner since they won't 'negotiate'. There is no 'negotiation', what the Council means is that someone refuses to give up their home due to Council bullying. And now the County Council is stepping up their bullying tactics and threatening to remove the home by legal force. Such hypocrisy. It would probably be different if it was a councillor’s home.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Something for the weekend

Nature Treks is a lovely piece of free software which lets you explore a calming natural paradise. The use of colour and sound is relaxing and great for forgetting the stresses of the day. The only downside is reminding us of how much more beautiful the world could be if we prized nature more than money and human expansion. Get the software here, and if you like it consider making a donation to the Nature Trek favoured charity, as explained on the Nature Treks home page.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Last rhinos in Mozambique killed by poachers

The last rhinos in Mozambique have been killed.

It is absolutely horrifying. One of thousands of species under threat from humans due to pollution or hunting. The problem is that the biggest animals which need the largest territories come into contact with humans most as we expand across the globe. And anything deemed either a pest, or of value dead (most species fall into one of those categories) comes off the worst in their contact with us. This is a process completed in the UK many years ago when the last wild bears, wolves and boars were killed by the British. Since then we have gone on to divide the land up with roads, fences and settlements. What happened to the rhinos has already been done here.