Friday, 1 February 2013

New trees on a campus

We've criticised Aberystwyth University for cutting down trees many times in the past (just scan through the 'Welsh Universities' posts) but for once we have good news. In Aberystwyth University's 'Strategic Plan 2012-2017' document they list one of their aims as:
"Managing our Penglais Campus as a nature reserve, recognising and celebrating our historic landscapes and its unique bio diversity."
As the image above shows, they have started to plant some new trees, which is a positive step. We'll monitor their developments in this area. All organisations should seek to increase their green spaces, and the County Council should build the requirement into all developments in the county.

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Anonymous said...

That's really good news. I remember reading a long time ago about the 'green lungs' of the campus, as it was originally designed. They've become grey and concreted over now so it's good to see hopefully, that the last remaining green spaces will stay green, and, that they are now planning to actively improve the green situation.