Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Visible litter

Have you ever thought that grass verges look worse after the council has cut them? The reason being that they cut the long grass but leave behind all the litter that is revealed. This is the case throughout Ceredigion.

This month we asked Ceredigion County Council (Department of Highways, Property & Works) why they don't pick up the litter they reveal, even though it is one of their responsibilities. Their answer was that they contract external people to do the cutting, and don't ask them to pick up litter too - it is just ignored. The Council does not go around the next day collecting the litter, it is just left to look a mess and blow around.

Monday, 3 September 2012

Green burial in Ceredigion

Green burial is an important environmental topic. We have a massive global population. We all die. The means with which our remains are treated have a huge impact on the environment. For example, if granite is quarried and transported in order to cover green land in slabs of stone then we're losing diversity and wildlife space. Is there an alternative? Yes. Burial in green spaces with a living memorial such as a tree, bush or flowers means that not only are new natural spaces developed which are full of restful beauty, but these new spaces are protected from development for houses, supermarkets, roads etc. Symbols of new life and hope instead of increasing rows of leaning cold stone that will one day be fenced off by a council as a safety hazard.
"Green burial, sometimes known as Natural burial or Woodland burial is a rapidly growing alternative funeral choice with over 220 sites being developed nationwide since 1994. It provides a much more environmentally friendly burial option than cremation, which creates air pollution whilst using up precious fossil fuels. Moreover, by planting a tree instead of a headstone, an eco funeral actually helps to mop up surplus carbon in the atmosphere."  
There is some useful information in this two-page article from the Big Issue (October 30th 2006).