Friday, 22 June 2012

Ethical banking

The money in your bank account funds projects and companies. Some of those might be things you disagree with, such as a arms sales, or tobacco. Very few banks are up-front about what they do with your money. An exception is Triodos Bank - on their site you can view all the projects they fund on a map, and entering your postcode shows those local to you.

The banks you use have an impact on the world, for good or bad. If you are interested in making sure your money is used ethically then there is some excellent information here. Ethical consumer also give a summary of current and savings accounts on their site (you need to subscribe to see the full reports, but EC are an excellent source of information and well worth joining).

Earth summit fails to deliver

'Rio+20 declaration talks fail almost before they begin'; from New Scientist.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Wet weekend

Lots of Aberystwyth was flooded over the weekend - mostly the floodplain area. The floodplain area that keeps getting built on, even though the more concrete and buildings get put there, the worse flooding is as it runs over non-porous surfaces with nowhere to soak away. As human populations grow, and development expands across more wild areas, natural events like floods, earthquakes and tsunamis inevitably have a much larger impact than they would otherwise have done. (Photos taken Saturday 9th June).

Blaendolau fields and Llety Parc flooded.

Water half-way up the doors of the new B&Q.

This field - the one covered in brown water - is the one that the Llety Parc owner wants to sell to Sainsbury's. This shows what a ridiculous site for development this is.

Monday, 4 June 2012

Is it recyclable?

There is often too much packaging on the things we buy, wasting resources - and in many cases it isn't even recyclable. It is bananas. One way to improve the world would be if only recyclable or compostable packaging could be used. It has got to the point that even teabags aren't biodegradable because of the unnecessary plastics that are added to them.

Examples of how it shouldn't be done

Thorntons - choosing non-recyclable packaging materials. "We would love you to recycle this packaging" they say, right below the box saying that it can't be recycled.