Sunday, 1 April 2012

More green areas lost

We thought it was worth posting these photos that were sent to us this week - Ceredigion County Council / Welsh Government removing a green bank all along Parc Y Llyn / Boulevard Saint Brieuc in order to add an extra lane to make things easier for car drivers, thereby encouraging more car use. It seems they have also added a cycle route, which is a benefit, but it would have been better it half the bank could have been left instead of the road being widened. It would have also been an option to at least add some trees lining the route, but as usual with CCC and WG that was not done. Instead the gateway to Aberystwyth is becoming a view of grey, featureless concrete.

The pink lines show where the grass bank was

Aberystwyth starting to look like a motorway

Greyer by the day - the first view of the town for visitors

Also this week, nearby, WG and the council are digging up another grassy bank, images below. The grass will probably be gone by now. Hearsay suggests this may be for a cycle route, but there is no evidence that the work will involve adding in any trees or bushes to ameliorate the loss of green space. We would love to be wrong and find that those things will be added, but based on past experience it is unlikely.

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