Friday, 27 April 2012

Vegan Vitality blog

It's always nice to try new and tasty recipes, especially ones that are deceptively simple to make, healthy, and suffering-free, yet also fill you with hunger when you read about them! We recommend the Vegan Vitality blog for all these reasons.

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Why do we throw away vast amounts of food?

'Surplus' oranges left to rot

It is not a new piece, but it is worth revisiting this collection of photos from The Guardian showing the "scandalous amount of waste all along the food chain".

Friday, 20 April 2012

Fly tipping

We've been forwarded some details of two cases that illustrate an interesting situation involving Ceredigion County Council which we'll give some space to.

In early February a county resident collected over 40 alcohol bottles, mixer bottles, cans and Morrisons carrier bags left in some nearby woods, planning to wash and recycle them. Many of the glass bottles had been smashed. However, they then found receipts in the bags for the alcohol, which had been purchased at Morrison's with a Visa debit card. They therefore got in touch with the police who said it was a fly-tipping issue and therefore Ceredigion County Council's responsibility to investigate and prosecute. The details were therefore passed on to Ceredigion County Council. The Council could work with the police: using the receipts and (if necessary for further evidence) fingerprints from the bottles it would be possible to track down the antisocial fly-tippers/public drinkers. However Ceredigion County Council did not respond, nor to any follow ups, until finally a formal complaint was made against them. At that point one of their departments (on February 24th) claimed that although the department was responsible for investigating these issues they were not going to. They did not want to work with the police to take the investigation anywhere, despite having all the evidence required to track down the fly tippers, on one of the rare occasions when there is a way of actually tracing those involved in anti-social behaviour like this (public drinking, smashing bottles and leaving it as litter). The Council also refused to collect the remaining bottles that the County resident had been unable to carry. The Council then signed the issue off at the start of April, saying that there would have been little chance of a prosecution.

A photo we were sent of some of the bottles collected

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Greening Aber’s Approach Road report

This could look very different!

Alun Williams' blog mentions a report which suggests planting trees along the main approach road to Aberystwyth. It is an extremely positive proposal, and CIN supports it wholeheartedly.

Sunday, 1 April 2012

More green areas lost

We thought it was worth posting these photos that were sent to us this week - Ceredigion County Council / Welsh Government removing a green bank all along Parc Y Llyn / Boulevard Saint Brieuc in order to add an extra lane to make things easier for car drivers, thereby encouraging more car use. It seems they have also added a cycle route, which is a benefit, but it would have been better it half the bank could have been left instead of the road being widened. It would have also been an option to at least add some trees lining the route, but as usual with CCC and WG that was not done. Instead the gateway to Aberystwyth is becoming a view of grey, featureless concrete.

The pink lines show where the grass bank was