Friday, 24 February 2012

A truly new forest

I was tasked with doing a good news post after we covered some of the frustration Ceredigion residents are feeling in the last post. One reader suggested a link to us and we gratefully accept it! There is a massive forest planting scheme taking place in Powys (the largest tree planting project in Wales for twenty years). The new woodland will comprise of oak, ash, alder, field maple and cherry trees. Fantastic! Read more on the BBC. Now, if only Ceredigion County Council cared enough to do this too... (Sorry, we almost slipped into being negative again then!)

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forestry investment said...

Yes, positive news for a change! Just from looking at that picture, I can tell that within 10 years you will literally have a new forest existing where none did before. I do find many public projects to be a waste, but this one seems truly worthy.