Thursday, 8 December 2011

Tetra Pak recycling in Aberystwyth

Tetra Pak waste piles

We've been informed that CK's supermarket in Waunfawr, Aberystwyth, has insisted on the removal of all recycling banks (thanks for contributing to the local community, Mr Supermarket!). Unless Ceredigion County Council can find alternative locations then that is one recycling site in Ceredigion lost.We tried to contact CKs but their online form did not work at all if you typed anything into their comments box. Well done CKs!

That site included Tetra Pak (and glass) recycling, so was important because Ceredigion County Council don't collect either of those in their kerb-side recycling schemes. Hopefully they will relocate the recycling facilities soon. In the meantime there is another Tetra Pak bank in Mill Street car park, opposite Matalan, until that site gets built on by Tesco (thanks for contributing to the local community, Mr Supermarket!).

It's clear that supermarkets aren't really the best thing. What a shame that Sainsbury's want to build on greenfield sites too (thanks for contributing to the local community, Mr Supermarket!).

Tetra Pak cartons are notoriously bad for the environment since they are made of mixed materials which can't be separated (and they have never shown any desire to change that even though there are now fully compostible alternatives to both plastic and foil). All that can be done with them is mashing them up to make other (non-recyclable) products, on the hope that these other products can be sold. If they can't then they all become landfill. Currently all UK Terta Paks are transported to Italy (Lucca) for this process to take place.

18th January 2012, re: Aberystwyth Tetra Pak recycling (see comments below), the County Council said: "the Tetrapak recycling bank is located at Maesyrafon car park, next to the Arriva bus garage, opposite Peacocks. This move will be permanent and we arranging to have a sign in Mill street informing residents of the relocation."


Anonymous said...

Yes, very useful CKs, diolch yn fawr. But thank you Caredig i Natur for directing me to the carton bank in Mill Street. And I found your blog in the process. Bonus!

CIN said...

Apparently the Council have moved the Mill Street Tetra Pak bank to the far end of the car park, away from the other facilities. If anyone can confirm or deny this it would be appreciated!

Anonymous said...

I had walked up to CK's with a (rather unwieldy) bagful of tetrapaks a couple of weeks ago only to be confronted with an empty site where the recycling bins normally stood. I was forced to return with the tetrapaks and wait until I could possibly take them to Machynlleth's Dyfi Eco Park, where I thought the nearest tetrapaks recycling site was. I'm now very glad to learn from your blog that there is one in Mill Street car park - at least until the Big Takeover of course. Is it actually legal to enforce removal of recycling facilities? What is CK's reason for doing this?