Wednesday, 28 December 2011


Do you make resolutions as the calendar trips over from one year to the next? If you're stuck for ideas and want to get healthier in 2012 then consider some of the following. Note that it is best not to be too ambitious!
  • Eat more fresh fruit and fewer sweets.
  • Give the dog an extra walk each day.
  • Involve friends or family in exercise (sports, walks, games) - then you can socialise and exercise at the same time.
  • Drink more fresh water each day, avoid tea/coffee/fizzy drinks.
  • Park the car as far from the work entrance/shops as possible, so you walk more each day.
  • Use stairs, not lifts or escalators. 
  • Adopt regular exercise, sleep and eating habits.
  • Walk to your friend's house instead of driving.
  • Run or cycle to work instead of driving.
  • Adopt some form of exercise you enjoy doing (you'll be more likely to stick to it).
  • Go vegetarian or vegan! If you do, then consider joining an organisation that will support you with advice and recipes, such as Viva!, The Vegan Society, The Vegetarian Society, Animal Aid, or PETA.

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