Saturday, 2 April 2011

Ceredigion Animal Rescue and Education

With the closure of Ty Agored, are there any other animal rescue centres in West Wales? Yes! Here's one that focuses on dogs - Ceredigion Animal Rescue and Education. Their website shows the costs involved in getting a dog 'up to scratch' for re-homing - donations to them are always welcome, as well as re-homing a dog if you can, or volunteering to help out in other ways. Their site includes some happy endings. Ways you can help (from their site):

  • Can you help transport any dogs? Either just to the vet and back or maybe further?
  • Could you join the rota for taking phonecalls?
  • Could you visit the dogs in kennels and walk them?
  • Could you help out in the shop in Cardigan (or donate anything to it)?
  • Could you help by fostering a dog?
  • Would you like to become a member?
  • Can you make a donation?
See their site for more information on any of these.

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