Sunday, 16 January 2011

Construction continues

It has rained a lot recently, and many people in Aberystwyth have been heard grumbling about flooding. However in most cases it is not the rain that is the problem - it is the continuous human development of green spaces, roads and buildings covering hills that would have absorbed huge amounts of water, leading to the combined problems of run-off and compression from the weight of developments squeezing water out. Both lead to flooding lower down and loss of topsoil. Problems that get worse as we cover more and more green spaces in concrete.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Badger snippets

Some recent news from Pembrokeshire Against The Cull.

Bovine TB rate dropping - without a cull!
DEFRA have published statistics for incidence of bovine TB in Wales up to the end of September 2010. These continue to show the incidence is declining overall in Wales. An estimated projection shows a drop of approximately 29% on 2009. But most importantly, the drop is even more pronounced in Dyfed - the area that contains the Intensive Action Area where there was a 34.8% reduction in 2010! This shows that a cull is unnecessary, as well as cruel and unscientific.

BBC blog comments
The BBC's Nature UK blog asked for views on culling. Have a look at some of the comments!