Friday, 7 May 2010

Justice is served!

Well, Plaid Cymru got smashed in the elections, their results far down on those they got last time. In Ceredigion Plaid Cymru lost by 8,324 votes - a 10.5% swing away from the party. Is it a coincidence that they have been pushing through unpopular legislation to kill our wildlife? CIN doesn't think so. Our post about parties' stances on the badger slaughter got more hits than any other we had ever done - last week the number of unique CIN blog visitors tripled! This is obviously a huge issue, and has made Plaid Cymru deeply unpopular with many people in Wales, who love the country because of its natural environments.

Further good news was that the UK got its first ever Green Party MP. Other parties pay lip service to green issues but in action are useless (e.g. Plaid Cymru supporting road schemes that would destroy Sites of Special Scientific Interest, or supporting nuclear power stations in Wales, or wanting to slaughter badgers). Well done Green Party!

Update: 14th May 2010, Farmer's Weekly, p30.

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Anonymous said...

It's not clear how electing another party who want the badger cull (i.e. the Lib Dems) takes us forward. Unfortunately the only party in Ceredigion against the cull, the Greens, did badly too.
Terrific news about Caroline Lucas though.