Friday, 24 April 2009

Transition Towns

Transition Town Aberystwyth [TTAber] do some great work in helping people to prepare for the future and in keeping skills alive.

Transition Town Aberystwyth excluded from Masterplan discussions

Unfortunately some groups are too short-sighted to realise this. Last week the TTAber organisers received a letter from Mark Williams (a copy of one sent to him by Steffan Roberts, the Regeneration Manager) stating that:

"I refer to your letter dated 20th January 2009, with regards to the request of the above Group to join the Community Image Delivery Team of the Aberystwyth Masterplan. This request was put to the Steering Group on the 12th March 2009 and it was declined.

The Community Image Delivery Team have had several requests from organisations within the town seeking membership. It is, however, their wish to remain a small group with more focus at this early stage. They are thankful for the presentation made to them by the Transition Town Movement last year and their views will be sought again in the future once an Action Plan is in place."
The so-called 'Community Image Delivery Team' obviously have precious little right to use the word 'community' when they are excluding it so that they can keep their little club to themselves. They want to make all their plans in isolation, and if we are lucky the local community might be consulted afterwards... This is exactly how blunders such as the much-derided 'Aberystwyth Masterplan' came about, or the recent plans to demolish shops and homes for the benfit of land developers. Don't these groups realise that if they don't listen to what people actually want, they just end up looking like either fools or arrogant bureaucrats?

This is another example of a small unelected group being given the power to shape the Aberystwyth of the next 10 years, and missing opportunities to involve the very communities they are meant to work with.

Unelected bureaucrats, yesterday

TTAber Skill Share Programme April-May

The programme below shows the hard work TTAber put in. Why not go along and support one of their skillshares?

Sat 25th April, 2.30-4.30pm, £7.50/ £5.00
Card weaving workshop.
Make a simple card loom and weave recycled materials to create amazing effects with wrapping papers, plastics, fancy yarn and fabrics. All materials provided.
'Art Alley', 13A Portland Road
To book phone Sue 01974 282530 or email

Sunday 26th April, 2-5pm
Tool mending and sharpening skills.
Kitchen and craft knives, scissors, spade handles, axe heads, you name it! Pete will fix it, and teach you about keeping your tools in the best condition. No need to bring your own, you are welcome to just come and learn.
'Art Alley', 13A Portland Road
Contact Peter Drake on 07786042398.

Sat 2nd May, 2.30-4.30pm £7.50/ £5.00
Lampshade workshop.
Strip down an old lampshade frame and remodel it with wire and paper.
All materials provided.
'Art Alley', 13A Portland Road
To book phone Sue 01974 282530.

Tuesday 5th May, (first Tuesday of every month), 6-8pm
Meditation – without 'clearing your mind'
Relax in an informal group setting. Learn an accessible technique you can use in your everyday life that will help you to slow down and see how it is to 'be here now'.
Treehouse café , 14 Baker Street

Saturdays 2nd and 9th May, 4.30pm.
Linux and open source software – an informal introduction (two sessions)
Martin from the computer science department at UWA is offering another chance to learn about Linux, shareware and open source as a smart move from the difficulties of the big corporate (big money!) operating systems. Whether you are an absolute beginner or already have Linux installed, you are welcome to pop in for a coffee, and bring your laptop with you.
Treehouse café, 14 Baker Street.
Book with Martin on

Sunday 10th May, from the Pier at 10am.
Walk from Aber – navigation skills.
Learn about basic navigation, compass work & map reading en route. Bring waterproofs, boots and some lunch.
Book with Sophie on 07968149089 //

Learning Welsh? Want an opportunity to practise with other learners in an informal setting?
Join our Welsh conversation group, every Tuesday evening at 7.30 (beginners) or 8.00 (more advanced). Please arrange with Simon on 01970 625 041; e-mail -

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