Saturday, 27 September 2008

Save the Levels

© Campaign for Better Transport is a website for a group that have been set up to try and prevent the development of a massive new section of the M4 in Gwent. The Wildlife Trusts are involved in this movement. The website shows the proposed route of the new M4 on the ‘Motorway Proposals’ tab - the politicians have said on the news that much of it passes through poor industrial landscape - but for the reality look at how much of it passes through the spectacular and important Gwent Levels SSSI.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

School runs

Cwmpadarn School in Llanbadarn Fawr does some great things - it has done a particularly good job with the playground area and conservation garden. The latter in particular will no doubt help the children to appreciate nature, as well as being a wonderful feature for the school.

However, one problem the school faces - and it is not alone! - is that at school start and end times during term many of the children’s parents speed up and down the lane to drop their children off. This poses a danger to local residents and children who would like to walk to school, since there are no pavements, the road was not designed for lots of traffic, and the parents are invariably in a rush (and sometimes frustrated by the traffic going the other way). This potential danger also discourages some parents from letting their children walk to school, leading to a vicious circle that leads to further car use.

Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Seagulls in coastal towns

If you live in a coastal town (e.g. Aberystwyth) then you will occasionally hear grumblings about seagulls, and suggestions to kill them, or sterilise their eggs (both expensive and temporary options), so that they don't come into town. Or if you don't hear the whinging, you will read it in the Cambrian News.