Tuesday, 22 July 2008

MPs urge rethink on Welsh TB cull

The BBC has reported on the pressure being put on Wales not to go ahead with the cruel and invalid cull of badgers - a cull based on prejudice rather than science. Read the full article here. This is good news - the more bad publicity there is for the Assembly's ridiculous decision, the more chance there is of getting them to revoke it.

Nine MPs, eight of them Welsh Labour, want the Welsh Assembly Government to halt plans to cull badgers.

The MPs have tabled a Commons motion congratulating English Farming Minister Hilary Benn for refusing requests to cull badgers to tackle TB in cattle.

Their motion hopes Welsh Rural Affairs Minister Elin Jones will "return to an evidence-based approach."
From the BBC Website.

22 July 08 - Six Assembly Members have joined calls for plans for a badger cull in Wales to be abandoned.

30 Aug 08 - Three AMs (the regional AMs for mid-Wales) - Alun Davies (Labour), Nerys Evans (Plaid Cymru), and Nicholas Bourne (Conservative) - were emailed on August 3rd asking them to support the movement against the proposed badger cull in Wales.
All three replied saying they supported the cull. It is unfortunate for wildlife that people like this make such cruel decisions.
Nerys Evans had said "Bovine TB is having a devastating impact on the health and welfare of the national cattle herd in Wales". Well, not as devastating an impact on their health as when the cattle are sent to the slaughterhouse; nor even as devastating an impact as cows endure as dairy cattle. These three AMs support killing our wildlife, in order to subsidise animal farmers to exploit other mammals. It doesn't encourage one to have faith in the National Assembly...

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