Sunday, 20 April 2008

World Lab Animal Day

Thursday 24th April is World Lab Animal Day. Many of you may not know that MEPs have just voted to adopt a Written Declaration calling for an end to experiments using apes and wild-caught monkeys and for a timetable to be established to phase out all experiments on monkeys. It would be nice if UK Universities took this opportunity to realise that experimenting on animals is an old and useless science and stopped all its animal experiments. The near-fatal TGN1412 drug trial had proved 'safe' in monkeys who were given doses 500 times that of the humans. The way forward is in modern technology and much more reliable methods using tissue and other models. The European Parliament have recognised this. For more information on animal vivisection go to, or

Friday, 18 April 2008

We spoke too soon...

Despite the research mentioned in other posts showing that slaughtering badgers has minimal or no effect on TB in cattle, the Welsh Assembly [mis]Goverment has decided that they will go ahead and kill badgers anyway. This was decided last week, but debated in plenary this week.

Another example of a political decision being forced through despite scientific evidence to the contrary. The quotes below are from the plenary debate itself.
In the battle of the scientists—Sir David King versus Professor John Bourne—Bourne has stated that King’s report was hastily written, superficial and selective. Given the amount of work done by the Independent Scientific Group—which was over 10 years’ worth of research, costing anywhere between £35 million and £50 million and involving 11,000 dead badgers—and given that David King and his team only met for one full day and that he admitted that his remit did not extend to the economics or practicalities of badger culling, I know who my money is on.