Saturday, 22 March 2008

Woodland Trust 'tree for all' site

A new campaign worth promoting here - the site has lots of information on the importance of woodlands and trees, and an excellent .pdf from Iolo Williams, in which he states that the Welsh Assembly Government should commit to every citizen having a certain % of woodland a certain distance from their house.

From Iolo's document:
Woods are crucial to sustaining life on earth. They take in carbon dioxide and return oxygen to us. They enhance the quality of our lives and environment with their richness and biodiversity. It is surely our collective responsibility to protect, restore and enhance the distinctive woods, parklands and forests of Wales.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Ceredigion Local Development Plan Candidate Site Consultation

The 'Ceredigion Local Development Plan Candidate Site Consultation' is now taking place - see this page on Ceredigion County Council's [CCC] website for more information.

It is all part of the CCC's move to a Local Development Plan [LDP], after abandoning all the work on the Unitary Development Plan [UDP] and deciding to start all over again - meaning that all the objections to development written for the UDP were wasted and have to be submitted AGAIN for the new plan (see quote below). Though of course, in the meantime many of the sites you might have objected about will have been built on... It is no wonder that people are sceptical about the benefits of getting involved in local government!