Friday, 29 February 2008

EDM 4: Use Of Animals To Test Food Additives

We recommend contacting your MP to ask them to sign the EDM 4: USE OF ANIMALS TO TEST FOOD ADDITIVES

There are many reasons why testing human foodstuffs on animals is wrong - ethical and scientific reasons. There is no reason why these procedures cannot be carried out using alternative methods. Several organisations, such as the Dr Hadwen Trust, fund research into non-animal testing and their research shows that it is not necessary to use out-moded animal tests when reliable non-animal research can be done. Many scientists realise this and are now switching to non-animal tests, e.g. this group from Oxford University.

EDM4 text:

"That this House notes that the Home Office's Statistics for Scientific Procedures on Living Animals for 2006 recorded a 368.4 per cent. rise in the number of animals used to test food additives, from 862 animals in 2005 to 4,038 animals in 2006; is concerned at the Written Answer of 11th October 2007 that states that these animals are being used to test ingredients such as stabilisers, sweeteners, colorants and flavouring agents; further notes that the 2006 statistics also recorded a 30.2 per cent. rise in the number of animals used for the purposes of other foodstuffs, from 5,742 animals in 2005 to 7,477 animals in 2006; and calls on the Government to back the British Union for the Abolition of Vivisection's call to stop granting licences for experiments on animals for the purpose of testing food additives and other foodstuffs as a matter of urgency."

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