Friday, 29 February 2008

EDM 4: Use Of Animals To Test Food Additives

We recommend contacting your MP to ask them to sign the EDM 4: USE OF ANIMALS TO TEST FOOD ADDITIVES

There are many reasons why testing human foodstuffs on animals is wrong - ethical and scientific reasons. There is no reason why these procedures cannot be carried out using alternative methods. Several organisations, such as the Dr Hadwen Trust, fund research into non-animal testing and their research shows that it is not necessary to use out-moded animal tests when reliable non-animal research can be done. Many scientists realise this and are now switching to non-animal tests, e.g. this group from Oxford University.

Friday, 22 February 2008

'Save Our Sea' - Save Cardigan Bay Campaign

Cardigan Bay is an amazing wildlife habitat in Ceredigion - and as long as we can keep out the oil companies who want to drill for oil here, it will remain so! There is a campaign dedicated to protecting the bay, click here to go to their website. From there you can read more about the campaign, and write letters to try and prevent oil exploration from taking place here. Please support them!

[Image from the SOS site.]

One of the campaign organisers is Leila Kiersch, of the Wales Green Party, who has her own blog here.

Saturday, 16 February 2008

Kill all the wildlife!*

[* Note - being ironic there.]

Mankind in general has always had an appetite for killing. In terms of wildlife we continually see calls to kill this, or 'cull' that species - badgers, squirrels, ruddy ducks, deer, foxes, seals... The reasons given are usually laughable considering the fact that humans have overpopulated the majority of the world, and pushed other species to the point of extinction in doing so.

Another badger article

We have already covered the futility of badger culling here. The article below (click to enlarge) is from Animal Aid's 'Outrage' magazine, #148 [Autumn 2007]. It includes more information about the pointlessness and cruelty of killing badgers because of the misunderstanding about their links to TB in cattle.