Monday, 17 July 2017

Travel - Roads And Cycling

There are many problems with cars and roads.

Some of them would be ameliorated if we had nicer, greener roads. Line them with trees and bushes and wildflowers wherever possible. Like this:

Sunset on a road in Bolgheri, Italy - Photo by Tiziano Pieroni

Problems with cars - from way back in 2006

But you'd still have problems of obesity, unnecessary journeys, loss of green spaces, fossil fuel burning, wars for oil, and many others. (By the way, the Ethical Transport Association is a good alternative to the RAC/AA - since the ETA is the only one that doesn't campaign for yet more road building.)

Cycling. That would be much nicer.

Other countries do this better than the UK. We could learn a lot from them (if the broken Brexit hadn't occurred, or if we had a Government that cared about green issues). Here are two articles:
You could also build running in to the mix. If you want to make changes yourself, then here's an inspiring piece on How to start run-commuting.

The UK reality - a crap cycle path sign in Ceredigion 
(the Council were informed a number of times)

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