Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Farmers Campaign To Kill More Wildlife

From the Cambrian News: Calls for culling of red deer

"FARMERS in the Pontsian area near Llandysul are calling on environmental chiefs to cull a rogue herd of 30 to 35 wild red deer."

(And we'd only just written about idiots persecuting wildlife...) Sigh.

Question: What do they mean by "rogue deer"?
Answer: Wildlife.

Any animals that aren't being raised and killed for profit are "rogue".

First humans cut down the forests that covered most of the country. Then we built towns and cities and roads and industrial estates and motorways and factories and power stations. Then, because there were not many totally unspoilt green spaces left, people rushed to visit and explore those remaining. Wildlife once had free reign across the land that was just as much theirs, before the larger species were persecuted and killed. Any large surviving wildlife retreated to the ever-shrinking areas, but even here farmers and idiots want to persecute and kill them.

Best answer? Go vegan. It requires far less land, and the rest could be given over to nature and wildlife. It also cuts off the income to the animal farmers who want to persecute badgers, foxes, deer, and anything else they can't send to a slaughterhouse.

We have written to Professor Christianne Glossop (Office of the Chief Veterinary Officer for Wales), and to Natural Resources Wales.

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Update, 10th April 2017: Natural Resources Wales replied to say they had killed at least one deer ("to gain a sample" - they obviously haven't realised you don't have to kill to collect blood samples), and may kill the others too, even though TB is curable, and it can be vaccinated against. Killing wildlife over such a trivial issue is disgusting.

Natural Resources Wales have very little to do with nature, they really are a joke (but a well-financed and cruel one who seem only to ally themselves with idiots). Wildlife should be protected, not persecuted. I was not surprised though. NRW are known for this kind of thing, and clear-cutting forests.

David Jam, Wildlife Management Officer for NRW, said:
"NRW is committed to protecting nature and the natural environment"


John Davies said...

What a surprise. Animal farmers and their friends wanting to kill more wildlife. Not had enough by targeting foxes and badgers? If they're so concerned about TB just vaccinate the cattle. The few pence extra that can be made by exporting meat from cattle that haven't been vaccinated does not justify declaring war on wildlife. They have more right to be there than the polluting farmers. Pisses me off.

Anonymous said...

That Councillor Peter Davies is useless. He's on the Development Control Committee - and seems to support every development on greenfield sites. So I am not surprised. No idea why his agenda is so anti-nature, unless he has "friends", know worramean?

Acha said...

There seem to be a lot of very biased councillors. I wish they could all be sacked. They make promises but when they're voted in they do what they want.

Anonymous said...

Natural Resources Wales really are a joke. I do long distance cycling, and often pass devastated hilltops and mountain areas where they've cut down every fucking tree. Like bombs have gone off. No cover for wildlife, nothing to stop the soil washing away. They're about making money and sucking up to farmers, not protecting the environment.