Tuesday, 3 January 2017

Popular CIN Posts Of 2016

What were the most popular CIN posts of the last 12 months? These! If you have missed anything then now is your chance to catch up. CIN has been nominated for environmental awards in the past thanks to the work we do. Best wishes to you all in 2017. (You can see 2015's best posts here).

February 2016
Scallop Dredging In Cardigan Bay (results from November - sadly, dredging to go ahead)

March 2016
Democracy In Ceredigion

April 2016
Ceredigion County Council Wasting Money And Pulling Out Hedges

June 2016
Passing The Buck
EU Referendum - What Next?
No Place For Exploitative Entertainment

July 2016
Coffee Cup Chaos

September 2016
The Future Of Agriculture In Wales

October 2016
Ceredigion County Council Charging Twice For Bodily Functions

November 2016
Rainforest Action Network

December 2016
Wildlife Trust Reserves


sam said...

I'd missed some of these, thanks. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

Brill, useful ta!