Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ceredigion County Council Wasting Money And Pulling Out Hedges

[A guest post sent to CIN]

The bottom of my garden was a nice, shady, private area. I’d had a new fence fitted and had been planting new bushes, trees and flowers in that area. My neighbours had trees and bushes too. It acted as a good boundary between our land and that of the Council’s: green, and it assured security and privacy on both sides.

The Council obviously has far too much money, because last week their workmen ripped out the existing fences, trees and hedges, to replace them with an ugly high wire mesh.

I am extremely annoyed at this waste and damage – basically a form of vandalism, to my mind.

  • We’re told there is not enough money – but the Council pays people to rip out and throw away sturdy fencing and trees unnecessarily, then to put new fencing in.
  • This is a conservation area. No-one is meant to cut down trees and bushes without very good reason. Even the Council says people should respect the environment. Yes the Council ignored that completely, killing all the greenery without any agreement with the people who owned the houses. That is hypocrisy. Cutting down trees and bushes in a conservation area is probably illegal too (though it is difficult to find out from the Council’s rubbish website – they seem to hide information about it being a conservation area, and when I tried to email them their contact form was broken). It wouldn’t have been so bad if they’d planted lots of trees, bushes and flowers to try and counteract the damage they’d done, but they didn’t bother.
  • The workmen left rubbish in our gardens. I had bits of concrete and pipes dumped in mine by the workers. Also some huge pieces of what I thought was white fibreglass, in pieces. I took it to the recycling centre – difficult because it was big and heavy - only to be told that it was old asbestos, potentially very dangerous, and I should not have touched it. Yet the Council had just dumped it on my land.
asbestos dumped on my land

  • I had paid a lot for sturdy fencing to be put in place not long ago. The Council workmen destroyed it.
  • The new fencing removes privacy. We no longer have privacy from the people at the Council building and they no longer have privacy from us. It also affects security for many of my neighbours – the Council workers put low gates at the bottom of their gardens.
  • The opposite is true on my land – I had a (locked) emergency gate for escape in case of fire or emergency, or for emergency services to access my land. The Council have instead put in a high security fence. No emergency services could now get in from the back if they needed to, nor could I escape in that direction.

how green and bushy the boundary used to be

how bare it is now

Me and my neighbours are annoyed at this vandalism. The Council seems to act as if it is a law to itself. We pay more Council taxes all the time, yet see services cut. Litter everywhere, money being wasted, permission given for housing estates on greenfield sites. They are a disgrace.

[Images are from the email that was copied to CIN. We always consider material sent in my our readers as long as it is related to green issues and Ceredigion/Wales.]

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