Friday, 29 April 2016

Voting Time Approaches

There's a week to go until the National Assembly for Wales elections. Remember you get two votes - your local constituency area (a named person/party) and your larger region (a vote for a party).

It's worth checking whether your inbuilt preference matches current policies by taking a quiz. There's a specific Wales one which I prefer (BBC mention), and a more detailed one which goes beyond yes/no answers. The latter survey gives your results on a map to show you where similar like-minded people live.

Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ceredigion County Council Wasting Money And Pulling Out Hedges

[A guest post sent to CIN]

The bottom of my garden was a nice, shady, private area. I’d had a new fence fitted and had been planting new bushes, trees and flowers in that area. My neighbours had trees and bushes too. It acted as a good boundary between our land and that of the Council’s: green, and it assured security and privacy on both sides.

The Council obviously has far too much money, because last week their workmen ripped out the existing fences, trees and hedges, to replace them with an ugly high wire mesh.

I am extremely annoyed at this waste and damage – basically a form of vandalism, to my mind.