Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Recycling Odds And Ends

An old article with tips on recycling and passing things on to charity shops

We haven't mentioned recycling for a while so here are some reminders and tips.

  • What does Ceredigion County Council collect from your doorstep?
  • Note that glass can't go into the clear bags, you have to take it to a recycle centre/bin yourself, even though it's inefficient in terms of journeys (e.g. you might have 100 cars going back and forth rather than one van). The best option is to take glass with you when you go for a walk or cycle that takes you past a recycle bin, and do it little but often.
  • Minimise what you purchase, and you'll minimise waste. The figures will have changed since 2012, but back then Ceredigion County Council were charged £120 per ton for landfill, and were disposing of 40 tons of material this way every single week (literally wasting £5000 per week, on top of the environmental and social harm from this approach). We don't need half of the things we buy, so buy less: it saves money and the environment at the same time!
  • Think about re-using stuff. For example, many people cut up and re-use cards (birthday/Christmas etc) as notepaper/notelets/bookmarks. Or you could pass them on to a school or creative group that would like them. For example in Aberystwyth you could donate them to Canolfan Padarn for clients' art projects (collages etc).
  • You can also re-use bits of soap (and make your own tooth powder).
  • Many tea bags aren't compostable.
  • Labelling of materials is always a pain, and it seems that many companies nowadays choose to use non-recyclable packaging (e.g. most crisp packets). Check the label and cut back on things that aren't recyclable - and tell the companies why! In an ideal world all packaging would be clearly labelled with either an R (recyclable), B (biodegradable), or a bin (if neither of the previous). For anything without an R or B the company would need to pay for a licence. That would soon start reducing the amount of non-recyclable and non-biodegradable waste! At present there's no penalty at all to manufacturers, and the only stick we have to beat them with is consumer power. Use it!

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