Monday, 13 July 2015

Make Deodorant

We've learnt how to make tooth powder; also soap and candles. It's fun to make your own toiletries and customise them. Let's make deodorant. Here are two options.


3 dessert spoons gently melted (or just softened) coconut fat
2 dessert spoons baking soda
2 dessert spoons corn starch
3 drops lavender essential oil

Method: mix the baking soda and corn starch in a bowl, then add the coconut fat and keep stirring to make a smooth paste. Add your essential oil, stir some more, then store in a glass jar or tub. Apply with fingertips or a spatula. It may go a bit soft when the temperature rises, so optionally keep it in the fridge.


2 parts witch hazel
1 part aloe vera gel
Essential oil drops - whichever ones you like, and they can be combined e.g. tea tree and mint.

Method: mix in a jug and then pour into a spray bottle.

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