Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Who Should You Vote For If You Care About Animals?

It's interesting to compare the different parties' attitudes to animals. This Animal Aid site does just that. In some cases you can even dig down to the level of individuals. (It is no surprise to find out that David Cameron is pro-hunt, pro-shoot, and pro-badger cull. Less well-known is that UKIP’s leader, Nigel Farage, has attended a hunt too.)

You can compare all the main parties. Some come across as wishy washy, such as Plaid Cymru's attitude to animals ("One MP voted for the badger cull; one did not vote and the third is not standing at the next election." / "One MP would repeal the Hunting Act (to make hunting legal again); one is undecided and the third is standing down."). The Green Party comes out on top, and is completely in opposition to the badger cull and hunting. Anyway, have a look around the site yourself, there is a lot of useful information there.

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