Friday, 13 February 2015

Aberystwyth University And Herring Gulls

Aberystwyth University has allegedly committed criminal offences by removing the nests and eggs of a protected bird species. The Cambrian News carried this story about disregard for wildlife and the natural environment.

The Cambrian News states:
"It is a criminal offence to “take, damage or destroy a gull’s nest” or “take or destroy their eggs”. Under law, a general licence can be applied for if the actions “preserve or protect public health and safety” or to “protect livestock”, but guidance says, “gulls being a ‘nuisance’ (e.g noise or damage to property) is not a legitimate reason for control.”
Depending on your viewpoint the gulls are a minor nuisance (certainly less of a nuisance than humans are proving to be to their species), or a natural part of living near the sea that we should embrace. It would certainly seem that the university is breaking the law here. It's certainly not the first time they have ignored existing guidance in the area.

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Lady IBERS said...

Doesn't surprise me about the university. I like the gulls, and don't understand the idiots who want to be by the sea but think we should relegate and exterminate the indigenous species. I get more hassle from being accosted by drunkards and people thrusting leaflets at me or vandalising the concourse for student elections than I ever did from seagulls! Even their cries are evocative and make me glad to be in this place. Everyone should learn to appreciate, not vilify.