Monday, 1 December 2014

Aberystwyth University clangers

Oops, Aberystwyth University is in the news again.

In a heartfelt but badly-written statement it claims to source food locally and sustainably.

But then it was revealed that they buy their sandwiches from London and have them shipped over 400 miles rather than source them locally or employ staff to do it:

From the Cambrian News,
20 Nov 2014, p31

The discovery of that bit of hypocrisy must have left egg (sandwich) on their faces.

Also, in the past Aberystwyth University has been criticised for flying staff around the world ... in order to combat global warming! Well, they seem to be just as addicted to spending lots of money jetting staff around the world on dubious pretexts, as shown here:

Cambrian News, 20 Nov 2014, p3

It's not surprising that the university doesn't consider the impact on the environment. Once the land there looked like this:

Then the university started building.

And it hasn't stopped. This is only a fraction of its developments (nearby fields have disappeared for its private accommodation, a process still going on today).

Update: Another clanger.

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