Friday, 7 November 2014

Wasted Car Seats Cost Our Planet Dearly

[Guest post by Liftshare]


If you’ve ever wondered how many empty car seats travel around Britain’s roads every day the shocking answer is 38 million. The untold damage this is doing to our environment seems to go largely unnoticed, except by a movement lead by Ali Clabburn who founded the UK’s sharing economy 16 years ago when he launched Liftshare.

Liftshare is the UK’s largest ride-sharing community with around 200,000 active users and growing at a phenomenal rate. The main motivating factor for people joining is the average saving of around £1,000 a year but the environmental benefits are also significant. One happy member, John from Essex, estimates he save around 4,000 fuel miles and another enthusiastic advocate, Emma from Swindon, did an online calculation that sharing her journey is the equivalent to planting 90 trees.

Collectively Liftshare members will share an estimated 507 million miles over the next 12 months, saving approximately 167,000 tonnes of CO2. With around 4 million seats available to share each week through the site, Liftshare offers the greatest chance of finding a match and they promise to make travel simple and help members to make amazing connections. Definitely worth a try!

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