Monday, 10 November 2014

Stop Circus Suffering

Animal Defenders International has spent years exposing the horrific suffering behind the scenes at circuses in the UK - from the brutal beatings of Anne the elephant, to the suffering of tigers currently living on the back of a lorry at Peter Jolly's Circus. The evidence gathered by ADI has led the government to promise to ban wild animal acts, but they are yet to deliver! This is why the new Bill is so important – it is our last chance to ensure the ban goes through before the general election. If it fails, we could be back to square one.

Luckily, a ban on wild animals in circuses is supported by an overwhelming majority of the public, by politicians, celebrities and animals organisations. But we really need to get the word out there to get the government to finally act. To help:

1. Urge your MP to support the bill
2. Sign this petition

You can find out all about the latest news on the campaign here.

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