Friday, 31 October 2014

Great Vegan Challenge

[Guest post by Animal Aid]


For all you would-be vegans out there, here’s the perfect opportunity to take the plunge and give the plant-based diet a go.

This November, Animal Aid is running the Great Vegan Challenge and the idea behind it is simple: you pledge to go vegan for the month and they aim to make it as easy, fun and engaging as possible. Plus it’s free to sign up and open to anyone, anywhere in the world!

When you register to take part, you’ll get:
- Advice on nutrition and vegan products
- Recipes and motivational tips sent regularly
- Access to an internet forum for swapping tips and stories
- A telephone hotline for any burning questions
- Information on exclusive events, offers and product give-aways

Around 900 people took part last year from all over the world and the response from them was overwhelmingly positive.

‘So glad I gave the Great Vegan Challenge a go! It’s been fantastic and made a big change in my lifestyle for the better! Everyone should try it!’ – Katrina Powis

‘Fantastic! I didn’t realise it would be as easy as it was to transition from veggie to vegan. I will certainly be staying vegan… no going back now!’ – Shaune Mather

‘The Vegan Challenge gave me invaluable knowledge, as well as the support and ease to continue on this path in future.’ – Nadya Booyse

You can read more about people’s experiences last year on the Great Vegan Challenge blog, which will be updated daily throughout November.

If you’re already vegan, why not convince one of your friends or family to give it a try? You never know, they might just come round to the vegan way.

Whether you’re motivated by saving animals, improving your health or protecting the planet, you can find out more about the Great Vegan Challenge or sign-up to take part at and if you have any questions, you can contact Ben Martin via or by calling 01732 364546 ext 227.

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