Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Fish Aggregation Devices

Industrial tuna fishers like Princes and John West use FADs - Fish Aggregation Devices - which are artificial platforms, made up of floating materials and netting. These attract all kinds of marine life - which are then scooped up indiscriminately. The unwanted 'bycatch'- animals like sharks, turtles and rays - are then dumped overboard, dead and dying.

Back in 2011, a massive public campaign convinced them to commit to quit using these destructive FADs. But three years on, it looks like those promises are getting broken.

With two months left until their commitments are due, more than three quarters of the tuna Princes sells is still being caught using FADs. A mass public outcry will be hard to ignore. Tell John West and Princes to keep their promises and cut out FADs completely.

Better yet, tackle the problem at source - stop eating fish. Leave them in their home. If you miss the flavour then try cruelty-free alternatives. But human desires don't over-ride the lives of other beings.

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