Friday, 4 April 2014

Litter in Ceredigion - 2

We said it was Ceredigion Litter Awareness Time!

There is an illegal fly tipping site by the side of the cycle path/road in the woods on the route between Glanyrafon Industrial Estate and Rhiwarthen Isaf B&B (running alongside the steam train line). Irresponsible people park in the layby and dump items down the bank.

Ceredigion County Council are well aware of this, having known of it for more than 20 years. However, they have never cleaned it up, or put up a fence to stop vans being able to tip heavy stuff like fridges down the bank, or taken any other positive action. So the problem has been worsened by Council inaction.
  • They have justified their inaction by saying they will apply for money to do something about it - but shouldn't they be acting on these issues anyway? Isn't that what Council Tax goes towards?
  • They point out it is private land. Imagine if you owned land and people used a council-maintained layby to dump things onto it, and the council told you they weren't willing to act because it wasn't public land? The point is that it was public land that caused the problem. It's like when litter is dropped on public paths, and you report it to the Council - by the time their staff visit the site (if ever) it has already blown onto the verges of the bordering land, and they claim it is no longer their responsibility because it is now on "private land". It only got there because the Council were so tardy in cleaning it up in the first place!
  • They also say it will be expensive to clear it up, claiming that they need thousands of pounds extra (£10,000 is one estimate we have seen).
It seems strange that they claim to need extra money to do this. Don't they already have employees in the council? Don't they already have equipment?

Oh, look what CIN found!

A County Council depot at Glanyrafon - fewer
than five minutes from the known fly-tipping site!

Along with vans, staff, diggers...

It is interesting that the Council neglected to mention their Highways, Property and Works depot full of vehicles and staff only a few minutes away. They could have sorted the flytipping hotspot out years ago, in a single afternoon, if they had wanted. Instead they procrastinate and make excuses and turn a blind eye and claim they need extra money to do this kind of thing. And as a result the amount of waste there has grown, the site has become more widely-known, and the problem has escalated. Well done CCC!


Alun said...

After I read about this issue on your blog I got on the case and the site has now been cleared.
Alun Williams

CIN said...

Diolch yn fawr Alun - I saw the site today, and you're right, it's spot on now, with no sign of where the littering was (apart from some good signs warning against fly-tipping). Brilliant! You're a star!