Friday, 31 January 2014

CCC letters 73% gibberish

We'd already pointed out that Ceredigion County Council were pushing ahead with their home-wrecking and town-wrecking schemes. The Council has now sent out letters about it. Here's a sample.

Note all the weird codes in 2. 

Note the repeated paragraphs (e.g. 9 and 10). Note clauses that aren't relevant to this application (e.g. all the ones about dwellings). It's a confusing mess. There are another nine pages of this kind of densely packed and often incomprehensible legalese, designed to put people off commenting or taking it further when it is hard to understand what even one page of it says.

At the end it mentions that you can complain to the National Assembly for Wales if you don't agree with the Council. To do so you have to get a form from Cardiff and start all over again... These are procedures designed to put people off, which is what the Council wants. The way it ignored all the objections shows that democracy is not part of its due process.

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Anonymous said...

and all in English. Even the mainly bilingual covering letter shows which language the work is done in