Tuesday, 4 June 2013

CCC Homewreckers again

Ceredigion County Council went ahead and voted to forcibly remove someone from their home so it can be bulldozed to make way for more shops - even though the development could have gone ahead without destroying homes. See this post for background. Ceredigion County Council are homewreckers. The leader of the Council is Ellen ap Gwynn, who supports this completely. So much for Plaid Cymru caring about people's homes. She has also ignored communications on this issue, despite Councillors being obligated to reply.

The topic was covered by the Cambrian News here - but they omitted the fact that the original footprint of land on offer didn't include this row of houses, and the development could go ahead without destroying homes. The County Council have done their best to avoid mentioning this fact, which seems incredibly dishonest as well as callous. They could have this scheme and still have the houses, they've just chosen not to.

The other dishonesty is that the Council claim this will 'create jobs', that meaningless promise designed to make silly plans look good. However, the number of residents in the town will not go up (in fact, it will go down if the Council get their way in demolishing town homes). There is a limited market of buyers, so custom going to the new shops will be instead of custom going to the existing shops in the town, and the independents. There is only a limited pot of money. Jobs created in one place will lead to the loss from others when they're competing (and all the supermarkets are with each other and with the local independent shops, which are the first to close since they can't compete with the loss-leader tactics of a multinational). Then when independents close we'll lose jobs from the town, and find the jobs we're left with are low-pay, low-satisfaction, low-skill work. And the County Council will be responsible for that. Remember that at the next elections, and don't vote for homewreckers!

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