Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Low impact, natural building

New buildings aren't so bad when they're in tune with, and enhance, the natural environment. Unfortunately councils don't enforce any such thing, instead giving the go-ahead to all sorts of lifeless identikit buildings. The building below was built without planning permission, and although it is exactly the kind of building that our society should be embracing, the Pembrokeshire Council would rather have it demolished than put up with the fact that someone went ahead and built it without their permission. It's a fantastic design using local, low-impact materials, and local expertise and labour. And all for about £15,000, with the owner doing much of the work in a way that few people nowadays would have the dedication to undertake. It's an example of how the homes we live in could be very different, each unique and as environmentally-friendly as possible, part of the countryside rather than in place of it.

It's possible to support the home and object to the council's plans to demolish it - follow the instructions here if you wish to do so.

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Anonymous said...

WHat a gorgeous house! I hope it gets to stay, it's about as natural with the environment as possible.