Saturday, 21 July 2012

Ban cars every Sunday to make way for bicycles

"Calls have been made for cars to be banned from streets around Britain every Sunday morning so that people are free to walk, cycle and play on the roads in safety. In a report on physical inactivity published in The Lancet, Gregory Heath, an expert in public health from the University of Tennessee, argues that closing streets in this way is a meaningful way to encourage urbanites to take more exercise." [Source]
An interesting idea supported by the Environmental Transport Association, a company which offers green breakdown cover, cycle insurance and green travel insurance. Unlike the RAC and AA, the ETA don't lobby for more road-building and car use.

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Mary said...

I didn't know about this - thanks for highlighting it. As a cyclist it sounds like a great idea. The
article says Bogata in Columbia does it. Do you know if anywhere in Wales is doing it n 22nd Sept this year?