Monday, 11 June 2012

Wet weekend

Lots of Aberystwyth was flooded over the weekend - mostly the floodplain area. The floodplain area that keeps getting built on, even though the more concrete and buildings get put there, the worse flooding is as it runs over non-porous surfaces with nowhere to soak away. As human populations grow, and development expands across more wild areas, natural events like floods, earthquakes and tsunamis inevitably have a much larger impact than they would otherwise have done. (Photos taken Saturday 9th June).

Blaendolau fields and Llety Parc flooded.

Water half-way up the doors of the new B&Q.

This field - the one covered in brown water - is the one that the Llety Parc owner wants to sell to Sainsbury's. This shows what a ridiculous site for development this is.

A scene by the railway crossings.

Water sneaking around the Welsh Government and County Council buildings. It is interesting that the County Council are the ones that gave planning permission for the housing estates and out-of-town developments on this floodplain.

Normally the river would only just be visible at the back of this photo.

Caravan park in Aberystwyth.

Morrisons car wash.

The new Aberystwyth beach. "More reasons to paddle at Morrisons".

Out-of-town retail park flooded, but not with customers.

The result of a housing estate built on a floodplain - c. 45 houses
flooded and the people had to move out.

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