Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Some good news! Vegan/vegetarian café for the day in Aberystwyth on Saturday

It seems that at the moment Ceredigion County Council are letting everyone down. From our perspective it is their determination to bring more blood-sucking supermarkets into Aberystwyth; the way they merrily waste our money digging up green areas (such as the bushes by the Aberystwyth bus stops); the fact that they give planning permission without requiring replanting of at least equivalent green areas to what is being destroyed by the application (the latest damage people are reporting is the mess the Council are allowing in Penglais Woods).

How about some good news then? Free food, cruelty free on Saturday! We may have a Council that insists on removing those pesky high-maintenance trees and bushes (their plan next year is probably to replace them with nice low-maintenance plastic or rubber versions), but at least we can eat well.

This great event is being run by Eat Out Vegan Wales, and will be at The Morlan Centre (Queen’s Road, Aberystwyth) on Saturday 11th February, 10am-4pm

Serving FREE breakfast, dinner, desserts and more.
10am-lunchtime Breakfast rolls
noon-2pm Choice of hot meals
noon-4pm Desserts and cakes
Plus Cream teas and buffet all day

They will also have plenty of literature available along with a diabetic-friendly food stall and people on hand all day for information and advice. Further information here.


Alun said...

For info, I enquired this week about the bus depot plans re trees and shrubs.

They are intending to plant nine trees as part of the scheme - 3 Ash trees (around the crossing by Morris & Bates), 4 Cherry trees (2 near where the shrubs were previously and 2 on either side of the taxi rank entrance)and 2 Oak trees where the current bus stops are at the Park Ave end.

I don't know if this makes for a net gain or a net loss in terms of greenery but at least its not all bad and an improved bus depot and pedestrian crossing facilties have got to be good.

CIN said...

Thanks Alun. That is certainly good, though it is a great shame that there won't be any bushes and so on as ground cover. We've had lots of emails about the loss of the bushes and were going to post some of them tomorrow. Some of the comments might not apply so much now, though in that case it perhaps shows a lack of communication. I think when people don't know what is going on they inevitably feel disempowered and angry - if those decisions go against their wishes then the effect gets multiplied. It would be good if all councils and councillors made the effort that you do to inform people of what is happening in their areas.