Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Threats to homes

Are there enough houses for everyone in Ceredigion? Obviously developers and the County Council think not, since new greenfield spaces keep getting built on or earmarked for houses. Surely it would be madness to knock down homes to make way for yet more shops and car parks?

It could happen in Aberystwyth. On top of which it is patently unfair to force anyone to leave their home, let alone for shopping; to make money for chain supermarkets and developers.

What would be the effect of Tesco on a town which already has supermarkets draining wealth out of the local economy and making things harder for the independent shops that make the town interesting? Have a look at this blog about Ruthin (13 November 2011 post) for an idea of what The Tesco Effect could be.

We tried to contact Tesco about this but - as often happens with companies that refuse to use a normal email address, and instead insist upon some stupid form - their form did not work. Thanks Tesco! 'Every little' goes towards irritating people!

Therefore, thanks to a flaky website, we won't give the Tesco side of this (nor the side of the developer who wants to kick people out of their homes, Chelverton - because they don't seem to have a high-prominence website). Instead we'll point people here.

Update 25th November 2011: One of our contributors sent this in:
"There are also protests about the destruction of the day care centre which was built c.30 years ago as a purpose-specific day care centre for older citizens. See various letters on the Cambrian News website about this. The building will be destroyed and they will be instead going to a basement room (high windows only) in the revamped town hall which will become the new town library."
Update 27th November 2011: See Alun Williams' blog for more on the Day Care Centre.


Lucy C said...

Great Blog here, interesting information!
Although I'm only a student here in Aberystwyth, I was horrified to read that Tesco, Sainsburys, M&S and Aldi are all trying to wheedle their way into the town. The new Spar shop in the high street is bad enough (why on earth do we need three!?).
I would hate to come back to visit Aberystwyth in a few years and see how it has changed if all these supermarkets do get their way, the town will likely lose much of it's olde worlde appeal.

CIN said...

Thanks for the comment Lucy, and your blog is great too! One of the arguments we've always agreed with is that when towns have independent shops they are unique, interesting and worth visiting. Once they are full of chains they are the same as everywhere else, so why go? Glad other people can see this too.